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Employee Referral Program Template

18 / 04 / 2012 | bonus, corporate culture, corporate recruiters, employee engagement, employee referral programs, rewards, slogans, social media recruiting

Once you have your employee referral program in place, the rewards structure finalized, and the social recruiting strategy reviewed, it’s time to spread the word internally and promote the program among your employees.

While not ignoring the bonus incentive, it’s important to stress the other reason why employees would benefit from the program: namely, a general, long-term improvement in the workplace environment. It’s in employees’ best interests to have a say in the future make-up of their co-workers. A stellar employment force yields excellent outcomes for employees – a more productive, mutually respectful environment, which leads to advanced results and improved sales. And by influencing the foundation of the organization for the better, employees have a chance to fill the personnel staff with similar, like-minded professionals with whom they can collaborate efficiently on a day-to-day basis and work together towards the greater success of the company.So how can you encourage this view among your employees?

Create a series of slogan templates to act as the “mottos” of the program. The sample messages should be variations of “help us create a winning team” and “refer great people just like yourselves.” Basically, short, informal catchphrases that spell out the referral mission from the employees’ perspective: recommending candidates who are equally as qualified as the employees themselves, and whose talents would benefit the general corporate community.

Print these slogans on posters and roll ups with your company logo, and include them in e-mail teasers. Stress them repeatedly when speaking with employees about the program. Place the posters in public areas, like the break room, entrance, by the water cooler, etc.

At GooodJob we’ve prepared a series of slogans and poster designs in conjunction with our Employee Referral Management Platform . Below is an example:

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